Why I Write

I have a lot of thoughts and writing helps me process what’s going on in my life. People change over time and so does the advice I give to myself and others.  My thoughts over the years reflect my experiences, values, and beliefs. I’ve been told I give good advice, but this is not what this blog is about. This is my personal outlet to organize my thoughts, manage my expectations, and reflect on why I have the standards that I do.

If you can relate, that’s great! I’m not alone! Do you have pages and pages of eNotes saved on your phone filled with long-winded texts about life and why you feel the way you do? Do you explain yourself in writing? Are you more comfortable communicating when you write and edit? Great! Me too! Let’s grab coffee and talk about life! Or just read and write about it… either or, here I go with my very own blog!


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